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Why Use Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing marketing is getting popular today. It is taking a personalized message to people near your retail store or offering a discount to people whom you have seen leaving your competitors’ store. Your conversion can greatly increase if you add location data in your ad data. Using RFID and GPS brands can help target minute locations like buildings and street. You can even display messages to people within a definite radius.

Geofencing is setting up virtual boundaries around a specific location to cause an action when someone enters or leaves the target location. Your marketing message will be delivered to potential once he enters or leaves the fenced location and this is where the marketing part comes in. Geofencing uses RFID. GPS. Bluetooth, etc technologies. These devices help you identify locations. With messaging apps, you will be able to distribute messages to your targeted audiences. Your business can benefit much from geofencing. If you use geofencing for your retail store, then you will gain some benefits.

Targeting consumers near your location is possible if you personalize your marketing messages based on the location. More and more people can be targeted to be led to your outlets. You can improve the targeting and personalization of your marketing message.

If you give your customers attractive offers at the right time, then they will engage with your brand on mobile. Your brand loyalty can increase if there is better engagement with your consumers.

If you use geofencing marketing, then you can send offers to people who are very near to your store. The response and effectiveness of your campaign can easily be analyzed. You can then also easily optimize your marketing efforts to improve your ROI.

There is improved efficiency of location-based marketing since it is highly personal and targeted. If you deliver specific offers to people based on their location, then you improve the impact that your communication creates on the buyers.

Using location -based marketing can help you determine many things like which stores are performing well, which stores can expand, and which target segment is more approachable, etc.

Geofencing uses four mobile technologies to identify location and implement algorithms based on boundaries. You can choose the best option by comparing these technologies.

One such technology is WIFI technology which is a standard feature in all smartphones and has a good potential reach.

RFID has a high level of precision in tracking. The consumers don’t have to do anything with this technology. You don’t discharge battery easily with this technology.

GPS technology is very precise and is cost-effective.

Bluetooth beacons help identify locations of all devices within the signal radius using Bluetooth and location.

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