Best Ways to Repurpose Your Clothes

Every year, there are millions of tons of clothing that are being thrown away, according to research. What is astonishing is that these clothes are in good condition These clothes simply do not fit their owners or are outdated fashion-wise. What most people fail to know is that these clothes they throw away could save theme a lot of money and resources. The environment is also kept clean if people consider not throwing them away. Upcycling is the best solution.

You can make rugs from those clothes. These rags can be used to clean your house. You will benefit more since you will have rags that will be used to clean the windows, remove cobwebs, dust surfaces, clean shoes, and so much more. You can improve the texture of the rag by making it with multiple fabrics from different clothes.

Pets, especially cats and dogs like to play with toys. And the best thing is that, as long as the pet gets to play, it does not care how much the toy costs. Therefore, you can repurpose your clothes and make toys for your pets. These toys can have a very long lifespan if made well. Make your favorite pet happy for free.

The next fashion trend might be crazier than the last as you know fashion changes with no warning. You can use your existing clothes to make them new ones. For example, making shirts t-shirts or caps from your old jeans. That long shirt you have can make a wonderful button-down skirt. Another idea is to carefully shred your jeans in specific places to make a new ‘bomb’ outfit.

You can use the clothes, just like making toys for the pets, to make clothes for your daughter’s dolls. Instead of going to the shop to look for doll clothes, use those that you are looking to throw away and make your daughter happy by dressing her dolls. All this is free.

You can do a lot more with these clothes like making beautiful bracelets and other awesome craft-works. You can learn how to make bracelets from old clothes from the net if you are not sure how to go about it. Using different clothes and colors make them beautiful. This time can be used as a way to spend with family. You can take advantage and select the best bracelets and earn a few bucks by selling them.

Reusing the clothes is also on the list. You can use the clothes to do those chores that need different wear like painting, planting flowers, ploughing and so on. You can also donate all these clothes to others. There are always needy people who need our help always. Be a cheerful giver.